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Looking for a new sunroom? Remodeling a kitchen? Or, do you need another bedroom because your family is expanding?

The exciting part about these projects is listening to a client’s ideas, looking at the space to work with, and then finding little creative surprises for each project.

What’s even nicer for you, though, is not worrying about what types of ordinances may impact your construction. We know them. And we apply them right from the beginning of every project.

But, to make your project as easy as possible, we also apply a time-tested, four-step design approach, including: Predesign, Architectural Proposal, Architectural Design Services, and Project Delivery.

Oh, and by the way, we are licensed in the State of Michigan, LEED certified and rigorously follow the International Building Codes.

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Four-Step Approach and Service Listing for Design

  • Garage on a Cape Cod

Located on the fringes of Rochester, Michigan and the surrounding countryside, Ekocite worked with the homeowners to seamlessly add a garage and master suite.

The original house is based on the Cape Code style built in the early 1900’s by a prominent local family who owned some of the mills. This project comprised of a three-part addition.

On one end, a three bay garage with a porch facing south, along with a master suite, were added. The other end of the addition, a sun porch with a monitor roof were integrated with the house.

For more photos, please visit the Garage on a Cape Cod portfolio page.

Location: Rochester, Michigan

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