Focusing on Remodels, New Builds, and Historical Preservations

New or old, large or small, it doesn’t matter to us. We’ve done them all.

At Ekocite, our architectural services have been engaged for a variety of projects from home remodeling to new residential builds to historical buildings, including barns.

We love old barns. But, we also love all the other projects, too.

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, redoing a bathroom, adding on a new bedroom, putting on a new porch, building a new home, or restoring historical buildings, we’ve experienced it all.

Variety makes being an architect fun. So, what’s your project?


New Build

Historical Preservation

In case you’re wondering, Ekocite is licensed in the State of Michigan, follows the latest International Building Codes, knows the latest zoning requirements in the areas it services, and is LEED Certified.

Check us out. And when you’re ready, let us know. We’d love to start a conversation.

  • Home Remodel Testimonial

Tammis designed a kitchen great room for us that vastly improved both the appeal of our house and the quality of our lifestyle.

When she first came to us, we didn’t know what we wanted, but she saw what needed to be done, and delivered an excellent design.

We have been living in the addition for over three years and still love it! People continue to show interest in the improved curb appeal, often slowly driving past the house to look or knocking at the door to ask questions.

Her price was very affordable and she added value throughout the process. Tammis worked well with our builder and with us, patiently reviewing all the small details, keeping an eye on cost, form and function.

We are now in phase two of our house renovation and worked with Tammis on this phase as well.

We highly recommend Ekocite Architecture!

Steve and Michele St. Denis

Spirited Architectural Design

Ekocite specializes in designs for people that are downsizing, upsizing, greening, or just need some help with their house or building. Contact us and we will quickly get in touch with you to learn more about your project.