Victorian Addition

Multi-Story Home Addition with Tower

  • View of home after addition.


  • View of original home before addition.


  • View of home during renovation.


About this project:

Prominently sitting just north of Rochester, Michigan, this home started out as a small Cape Cod style house. Originally built in the early 1930’s, the owner wanted to completely change the appearance of her home. She wanted a Victorian look while adding more living space, as well.

Understanding the client’s dream, Ekocite Architecture worked closely to bring her ideas to life, adding some additional thoughts along the way. The key to a successful design is to integrate the original home’s features with the owner’s requests. Doing this not only made this a successful endeavor, but also became one of Ekocite’s flagship projects.

Included in the project:

  • A two-story addition with a master suite.
  • Modern new kitchen.
  • Library for a quiet reading space.
  • Wrap around porch to enjoy the Michigan summer days.
  • Tower with large windows overlooking the surrounding countryside.
  • Original fieldstone fireplace became a central point to the addition.

Are you looking to overhaul your home for a new look and more space? Let us know. We’re up for the discussion and challenge.


Rochester, Michigan

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