Timber Frame Porch Adds Warmth to Front Entry

Front Porch and Foyer Addition

  • Photo of finished timber frame front porch from the right side.
  • Photo of finished timber frame front porch.
  • Photo of timbers and connectors used for the porch and the foyer.

About this project:

(Phase 3 of 4) A young, growing family purchased a home in the southeast Michigan countryside. Looking to remodel, they embarked on a multi-phase project using Ekocite Architecture for the designs. During the third phase, the couple wanted to add a front porch, foyer and walk-in coat closet so they would have an area to greet guests.

Working with the clients, Ekocite designed a new foyer addition with a walk-in coat closet and a timber frame porch. The porch’s walkway, stairs and floor are made of blue stone. Lineal stone was used for the base. The timber frame uses black metal connectors, eliminating the need for a specialized timber framer. Purlins above the timbers, supporting a wood roof deck, provide both strength and style beneath the seamed metal roof. The exposed, stained timbers add warmth to the entry, with the look carried inside using the same style timbers and connectors.

Included in the project:

  • Timber frame porch with exposed timbers and purlins.
  • Walk-in coat closet with window for natural light.
  • Energy efficient integrity windows.
  • Blue stone used on the walkway, porch floor, and stairs.
  • Lineal stone used for the porch and column bases.

Looking to add a porch or new entryway? Let us know. We’d love to discuss it with you.

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Oakland Township, Michigan

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