Mid-Century Parallel Roof Home

Kitchen, Family Room, and Entryway Renovation

  • New Front Porch/Entry


  • Under Construction


  • Kitchen/Dining/TV Area


About this project:

Located in a mid-century subdivision of Rochester, Michigan, this 1950’s house had a lower level kitchen, designed for one person, and an old carport that had been turned into a family room. This room was cold due to poor heating and design. The owners approached Ekocite Architecture for designs to renovate these areas.

The old carport/family room was demolished down to the foundation and rebuilt for a new kitchen and sitting area. A soaring mono pitched ceiling and roofline, along with a new front porch entry, were added. The result was a unique, attention grabbing house appearance with parallel, mono pitched roofs for historical accuracy.

Included in the project:

  • Designs used a 1950’s time-period mono pitch roof and ceiling style.
  • New, open-air kitchen with a sitting area.
  • New front porch entry for added esthetic value.
  • Parallel, mono pitched rooflines that grab people’s attention.

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Michele S.D. – Tammis worked well with our builder and us, patiently reviewing every small detail, keeping an eye on cost, form and function.


Rochester, Michigan

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