Not a Shoebox

Master Suite, New Bedroom, Entryway & Porch Additions

  • New Front of House
  • Before Front
  • Before Rear
  • New Front Entry Porch
  • New Rear Addition and Patio

About this project:

Wanting to remodel their existing home because of its location, a young couple with a growing family approached Ekocite Architecture. The problem the owners had was space and how their multi-story house looked. “We live in a shoebox,” they said. Adding to the challenge, the couple wanted a master suite for themselves. To do this, they would need to absorb precious space from another room.

Working with the couple, Ekocite designed a master suite by using an existing bedroom for space. To accommodate their family growth, the project also included a new bedroom addition to the back of the house. As for the exterior, Ekocite focused on the existing front door area, adding a covered porch with columns. Inside, the space around the front door was opened up, including removing the ceiling above and adding a new roofline, for a spacious open-air entryway.

Included in the project:

  • Master suite with a master bath.
  • New bedroom addition for a growing family.
  • New entryway with an open-air ceiling for spaciousness.
  • Covered porch, adding personality to the home.

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Rochester Hills, Michigan

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