• After the addition.


  • Before the addition.


  • After the addition.


  • After the addition.


About this project:

Though we typically do projects in the metro Detroit area only, every once in a while an out-of-state project comes our way. Located in Florida’s Hyde Park historic district, this house is owned by an environmental lawyer from Michigan. The client wanted to add a new porch to the house to help lose its plain exterior look. However, local architects were not responsive. A friend back in Michigan recommended Ekocite Architecture for the job.

Working with the owner and the local Historic District Commission (HDC), Ekocite began designing the new porch. Traveling to Florida for the measurements, Ekocite was able to prepare drawings and other documents for the client to present at the HDC meetings for approval. Other aspects of the projects were done remotely; including understanding building codes and various contractor questions, proving distance is not an obstacle.

Included in the project:

  • Covered porch integrating with the home’s classic architecture style.
  • Exposed rafters inside the porch for ambiance.
  • Porch floor is stained hardwood for a historical, natural look.

Want to add a new porch to your house? Let us know. We’d love to speak with you about it.


Hyde Park, Florida

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