Turkey Brooder Provides Zen Porch Ideas

Enclosed porch addition for a hilltop home

  • Photo of enclosed porch exterior from master suite above.
  • Photo of enclosed porch interior with a view outside.
  • Photo of enclosed porch exterior looking up from pool.

About this project:

(Phase 1 of 4) A young couple working for a Tier-1 automotive supplier, with a growing family, purchased a home in the southeast Michigan countryside. Looking to remodel, they embarked on a four-phase project using Ekocite Architecture for the designs. The first challenge was to add an enclosed porch that worked with the existing pool, surrounding landscape, house contours, and also would take advantage of the hilltop view.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. After viewing a turkey brooder, noticing the Zen qualities within it, Ekocite used some of the brooder’s elements to design the enclosed porch. Using the home’s location, the porch incorporates the view of the surrounding area. Inside the porch, a vaulted cedar ceiling and mahogany floors, combined with screened-in windows on all sides, allows the family to feel as if they are one with the area.

Included in the project:

  • Porch designed to integrate with existing pool, landscape and hilltop view.
  • Vaulted ceiling with cedar wood giving a natural look to the area.
  • Mahogany floor for an added feeling of warmth.

Thinking about building an enclosed porch to fit with your home’s design? Let us know. We’d love to talk more about your ideas.

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Oakland Township, Michigan

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