Garage on a Cape Cod

Garage Addition with Loft and Mudroom

  • Master Suite and Garage Addition


  • Exterior View


  • Master Suite and Garage Addition


  • Master Suite and Garage Addition


About this project:

Located on the fringes of a local town and the rural countryside of southeast, Michigan, this Cape Cod style home was built in the early 1900’s. The original house came with a small, detached garage. With a growing family and a home-based business, the owners wanted to retain the historical style while adding some modern-day improvements.

Working with the clients, Ekocite Architecture designed a new garage that included a spacious mudroom and loft for a home office. Keeping preservation in mind, the original garage was moved and repurposed as a garden shed. The design also enabled a seamless integration with the existing home and driveway. On the outside, a long, covered porch leads from the garage doors to a separate entrance door to the loft.

Included in the project:

  • A design preserving the Cape Cod style of the early 1900’s time period.
  • An attached, spacious three-car garage.
  • Loft above the garage with a separate entrance for a home office.
  • Dormers on the garage bringing natural light to the loft.
  • Large mudroom with a tile floor and several cubby spaces for muddy shoes.
  • Attached covered porch designed for the Cape Cod look.

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Rochester, Michigan

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